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Course Background
Water supply and distribution in buildings is a fundamental requirement, the mode of delivery to users differ with height and function of the building. The sanitary plumbing system of buildings should carry away sewage and wastewater from the building quickly so as not to create any nuisance in the form of health hazards.

A working knowledge of the design of these systems is required to underpin the maintenance regime required to ensure that the systems function as health hazards could arise and Users will be extremely inconvenienced.
Course Objectives
The course will provide an overview of the fundaments in the design of Water Supply and Waste Disposal Systems and the maintenance requirements and will cover:

  • System Fundaments & Design Overview
  • Types of Systems & Working Principles
  • System Components & Life Spans
  • Maintenance Requirements: Regulatory & Routine
  • Learning from Incidents of Water Supply & Waste Disposal System Problems
Course Outline
    • Portable Water Supply & Distribution Overview & Role of Public Utilities Board
    • Regulatory Requirements: CP 48 : 2005 Code of Practice for Water Services
    • Water Supply & Plumbing
      • Water Mains Supply & Storage
      • Water Tanks
    • Water Distribution
      • Cold Water Systems & Distribution
      • Hot Water Systems & Distribution
    • Functional Overview of Water Supply & Distribution Systems
    • Components of the System & How They Work
    • Life Span & Maintenance Requirements
    • Inspection & Certificate of Water Storage Tanks
    • Learning from Incidents of Water Supply Problems
    • Waste & Sewage Disposal Overview: Role of Public Utilities Board
    • Regulatory Requirements: CP on Sewage & Sanitary Works
    • Types of Systems
      • Solid Waste & Disposal System
      • Liquid Waste & Disposal System
      • Sanitary Fittings & Sewer Discharge System
    • Functional Overview of Waste & Sewage Disposal Systems
    • Components of the System & How They Work
    • Life Span & Maintenance Requirements
    • Learning from Incidents of Waste & Sewage Disposal Problems
Who should take this course?
The course will benefit those who have a vested interest in buildings including:

  • Developers
  • Building Owners
  • Government Officials
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Contractors / Sub-Contractors / Suppliers
  • Property Managers
  • Facilities Manager
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Management Corporations
  • Town Councils
  • and Others
Course Accreditation and Certificate of Attendance
The course has been approved for 7 PDU units under the PE Board Continuing Professional Development programme. Attendance certificates will be issued; they may also be suitable for meeting the CPD requirements of other relevant professional bodies not operating a CPD course accreditation system.
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