Advanced Diploma in Property & Facilities Management

ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN PROPERTY & FACILITIES MANAGEMENT   Course Objectives The Advanced Diploma in Property & Facilities Management (ADPFM) is designed to provide integrated knowledge and skills to enable: Those seeking career conversion or a career change to assume a Property Executive job in the […]

Outcome-Based Facilities Management & Maintenance

OUTCOME-BASED FACILITIES MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE Course Background Outcome-Based (aka Performance-Based) outsourcing is a buying strategy whereby procurement and award of a contract is focussed on the ability of the Service Provider (SP) to achieve outcomes/results of competitive value for the Service Buyer (SB), examples of […]

Office Space Planning, Optimisation & Management

OFFICE SPACE PLANNING, OPTIMISATION AND MANAGEMENT Course Background Property occupation/space cost is invariably the second-highest recurrent cost after staff costs for most organisations and represents a significant component of service delivery costs. Private sector organisations have responded by setting a limit on space allocated per […]