Value Engineering and Management

VALUE ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Course Background High demand and limited supply of materials and labour has led to some 40% increase in construction costs in Singapore. Industry players have responded by trying to cut costs down the line. Indiscriminate cost cutting could result in a […]

Strata Property Management: Legislation & Property Management Challenges

STRATA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: LEGISLATION AND MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES Course Background Strata title allows ownership of individual units (termed a strata lot) in a property development and shared ownership of common property such as lift lobbies, driveways, garden and swimming pools. This form of property ownership (particularly […]

Sick Buildings & Indoor Air Quality Management

SICK BUILDINGS AND INDOOR AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT Course Background Complaints about discomfort and health problems in offices and homes have been investigated as far back as two decades ago in US and Europe, and more recently in Singapore. These complaints ranging from fatigue, blocked nose, […]

Real Estate Development, Investment & Valuation

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT, INVESTMENT AND VALUATION Course Background Real Estate is developed or purchased for owner-occupation or as an investment for rental income or subsequent resale when capital values appreciate. Financing requirements can generally be short-term in the case of development projects or longer term […]

Project Management of Refurbishment / A&A Work

PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF REFURBISHMENT / A&A WORK Course Background Building Refurbishment and Alteration & Addition (A&A) Work is on the rise in Singapore; this trend is expected to continue with ageing of buildings and increasing user demands for quality buildings and facilities. The distinct differences […]

Procurement of Facilities Management Services

PROCUREMENT OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SERVICES Course Background The course will primarily provide a protocol and guidance on the preparation, drafting and reviewing of tender documents to procure Facilities Management & Maintenance services. The Law of Contract will be re-visited to enhance learning and for building […]

Planning Scheduling & Prioritising Maintenance Work

PLANNING, SCHEDULING AND PRIORITISING MAINTENANCE WORK Course Background The primary objective of a planned maintenance system is to ensure that maintenance work is planned and scheduled effectively to improve work efficiency, service delivery through the reduction of downtime and minimise the cost of maintenance. Planned […]

Outcome-Based Facilities Management & Maintenance

OUTCOME-BASED FACILITIES MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE Course Background Outcome-Based (aka Performance-Based) outsourcing is a buying strategy whereby procurement and award of a contract is focussed on the ability of the Service Provider (SP) to achieve outcomes/results of competitive value for the Service Buyer (SB), examples of […]

Office Space Planning, Optimisation & Management

OFFICE SPACE PLANNING, OPTIMISATION AND MANAGEMENT Course Background Property occupation/space cost is invariably the second-highest recurrent cost after staff costs for most organisations and represents a significant component of service delivery costs. Private sector organisations have responded by setting a limit on space allocated per […]

Managing Conflicts in Facilities Management and Maintenance

MANAGING CONFLICTS IN FACILITIES MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE Course Background The current state of the Facilities Management & Maintenance (FM&M) industry provides fertile ground for conflicts to arise. FM&M services and work has traditionally been under-valued by Owners, Investors and Users. Maintenance in particular is regarded […]